Friday, December 21, 2007

JOE's opus continues...

Today we venture to home of JOE's parents where we have been kindly offered a much needed break in the midst our 12 hour drive to Albuquerque. Tony and I have enjoyed the company of JOE's whole clan before today. We once went on a fine camping trip with the whole group (minus one member still in school).

Car trips have taken on a whole new meaning for me now that a small person is sitting on my bladder and causing my hips to ache pretty much constantly. I have been instructed to get out and walk every two hours. This goes against all my road trip instincts. Like everyone raised in the southwest I am a professional car-tripper. I have amused myself (sans radio) staring out the window of our station wagon for up to 20 hours at a stretch. The only stops were for gas and 5 minuet bathroom breaks. In my mind nothing short of a blown tire breaks up a a road trip.

I feel like such a pansy.

However, not wishing to piddle in the car I will do as my doctor suggests.

Happy Travels to you all.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sleep, that's where I'm a Viking!

I can't believe that I haven't done this before now. Want to make your own Simpson avatar?
Do it now!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

First baby thingies

My fantastic sister and brother (in-law) gave us our very 1st baby outfit. I like the subtle programing for the baby.
"Prefer Mommy above all others"

I wholeheartedly approve since Tony has superhuman baby enticing abilities. During church services all the babies in front of us reach for Tony as if he were a giant neon Elmo doll.

Speaking of firsts, my Mom just found the baby it's first book: "Sheep in Shops"

Thank you family members for providing lovely treasures for our developing kid.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mr. Sean

Anybody out there use social bookmarking services to see what's interesting on the ole interweb? Well, if you are a past (or future) contributor and would like to submit your comic to one of these sites you can now click the link at the top of each page.
Go on! Everybody's doing it!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The collected work of Sean

I usually load a new comic on Thursday, but this week Kevin H. got screwed by delays due to server issues.  So in recompense I am leaving him up there a couple more days and bumping my buddy Sean (see above) to next week.

But just to be fair I am going to give you all a little glimpse into the mind of Sean (circa 1995)

Sean and I went to High School together.  We took the same World Religions class and he sat behind me every day so he could fiddle with my hair.  He would also whisper elaborately filthy things into my ear during lulls in the class while I clutched my pearls in shock.

I was a pretty fair student, took advanced classes and all that.   However, I was constantly in detention.  Not because of any misbehavior in class (heaven forfend) but because I was late every single day.  Not to class mind you!  My Mother would never allow me to be late to an actual class.  I should explain.  

I spent my last 2 1/2 years of High School in a lovely private school.  This school was run by the Presbyterian Church and as such had mandatory Chapel for all students first thing in the morning.  This was a time for announcements and hand holding, also a bit of singing and prayer.  I had nothing against Chapel.  My Mother however was a single parent and running her own business so she found 7am Chapel to be a nuisance.  Especially considering her dedicated weekly Church attendance and the fact that my sister and I were both acolytes.  Mom didn't actively try to miss the Chapel deadline but she didn't kill herself trying to get us in the door at seven.

Thus my permanent file is full of tardy reprimands.  At one point I gathered a bunch of them together and showed them to Sean.  While I moaned about the injustice of having to present these to my Mom and go to detention Sean made some...adjustments.  See if you can guess which notes belong to the teacher (name removed) and which are pure Sean:

Here are a couple more:


Roadtrip through Hell

Today we embark on a minor road trip to Dallas where we keep a good 60% of our combined relatives.  My Grandparents, 2 Aunts, 1 Uncle, and 5 cousins live in the area and my favorite person in history (my sister) just flew into DFW.
Tony has both his parents and 2 of his siblings living in town, in fact they are about 5 minuets away from my people.  One brother is driving into town with our Godson and our sister-in-law KAREN (you can see her comic in my archives).

Altogether DFW is super convenient for holiday get-togethers.  

However,  looming between our tiny blue car (fuel efficiency!) and familial bliss is the most horrid stretch of I35.  Construction has pushed the once mighty road down to one lane and every commuter is trapped like rats the day before any holiday.  Check it out, even the local paper had a story on the impending chaos:

(Thanks to my always prepared Grandad for sending me that story)

So Tony and I are going to try a crazy circuitous route around the hellish traffic snarl and hope that we make it to a relative's house before the New Year.  Wish us luck.  In turn I wish all of you luck on your many and varied Holiday Travels.  May everyone reach their destination with minimum fuss and total safety.

Take Care.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


As you can see my rampaging pie lust has oozed over into my blog layout.  I am into pumpkin in a big way.  Also, I was just plain tired of the old layout.  

The Texas "Fall" is really throwing me these days.  I am used to a chilly Chicago November.  In fact I am missing the days when Beloved Husband and I would bundle up for a trip to the coffee shop and then walk around the neighborhood sipping hot coffee and checking out the historic houses.

This one was a particular favorite because it is so delightfully spooky. The owners have since renovated the place and it looks very nice, but the creepy factor was delightful while it lasted.

All is well in Whoville

Hey Ya'll,

After a bit of fiddling service has been restored to the site and Kevin's comic is available for all to see.  Please ignore the indecent bit in panel #2, that was a total accident.  Don't look at it.  Promise?

You know what I am dying to eat right now?  Pumpkin Pie.  DYING...
Good sense and tradition dictates that I should wait until Thursday to sink into that sweet gourdy custard, but I am awful tempted to visit my local HEB (the one with roving cops in the parking lot), find a non-frozen bakery pie, and tear right into the flaky squishy goodness.  
But THAT would be crazy and people would stare.  

Besides I am trying to maintain a healthful diet in preparation for gluttonous excess that I know is just hours away.  Fiber, veggies, and fruit.  Those are my mainstays lately.  This morning's bran muffin prompted this comic.  I am slightly ashamed of this comic but seeing as it is 2am I will post it anyways.

I apparently, am not above potty humour.

Thanksgiving is such a weird holiday in New Mexico, which is where I grew up.  Much of the population is Native American, and while most of those folks are cool with a feast day the whole infected blankets/ decades of genocide thing is a touchy subject.  My Mom works with primarily Native clients and she tends to treat Thanksgiving as a random day that happens to include varsity level cooking.  

Friday, November 16, 2007

Server Issues

My website is run on IPower which is upgrading it's operating system today.  As a result I can not load new content to the site until the changeover is complete.  So you must be patient my pets...wait for it.

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Tony in South Austin preparing to eat a giant Cupcake:

Help this man if you can!

Check out this comic for a special request!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tame that Filly(er)

I asked beloved husband to describe Achewood and he just got all misty eyed and couldn't speak...oh wait here he goes:

"Character and Dialogue driven web comic about cats and otters...heaven."
See for yourself if you haven't already (which you probably have) in the links section.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

filler pun goes here.

This is the actual event from tonight's comic. Joe's athletic leap for the garter left another friend slightly scalded by an overturned candle but it was all in good fun.

This was a most excellent wedding. The bride and groom gave all their guests bridal party magnetic dolls to commemorate the occasion, they are currently on our fridge. We have them cross-dressing at the moment.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

Fill'er Up!

Tonight's comic is from an earlier time when I was a little bit high strung and tended to lose my mind when Beloved Husband was a micro-second later than I expected.  I trust I have mellowed since those days.

My fabo folks-in-law are in Austin this weekend and we are showing them the sites.  Tonight we went to "Artz Rib House" and listened to a great folksy 1940's revival band called "Studebakers".  Great BBQ and a fantastic "gospel song" about being a Buddhist and missing ole' timey Hymns.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fill(er) me up, Buttercup!

I didn't die foraging for Cheeze Nips, in case you are wondering.  
This is not a Ghost Blog...not yet anyway. That sounds like a Saturday Morning PBS series. GHOST BLOG!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy About Death?

Thanks to beloved husband for this link.  Time magazine seems to think we are all pretty happy about death.  I knew this.  No need to tell me Time Magazine.  Preposthumous proves how silly folks can be when it comes to Death (with a big D).
If you haven't already check out the "Ummm...Wha?" section of the new archive, go and be amazed.

In the meantime check out the picture above this article.  That lady thinks coffins are frickin' hilarious.
Are We Happier Facing Death

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

See? This is what I'm talkin' about

Seems like I'm not the only one pondering the Preposthumous question, though I have less fan-wanking on my end.

Best Movie Death:

Thanks to Mike (future contributor) for this link.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

RSS feediness.

Okay sweeties, here's the thing.  I know how you can get an email update every time I add to Preposthumous.  This is how it works. 
When I post a new comic I also post a link on the blog.  
If you would like to be notified when a new post is created add my (newly created) blogspot feed address to your favorite RSS Reader.

You might be asking yourself (as I did) "Do I have an RSS Reader?"
The answer is "Probably."

Do you have a Gmail account?  
If so  just go to the "Reader" section under "More" in your toolbar and search for the Preposthumous feed, (which Gmail will find, easily) then add it to your list of favorites.

Do you have a  Mac?
Go to the RSS feed section in your bookmarks and add the Preposthumous Feed.
I am sure there are many more options out there but these are the two I know.

True, you will get notified when there is other (non comic) new content on the blog.  But I promise it will all be diverting.  For instance, I am going to the Austin Burlesque Festival tomorrow night.  I might even get one of the performers to add a comic to the collection!

Questions?  Comments?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Still TECHNICALLY Thursday!

Sorry for the late comic guys.  I had a whole different illustration created for the second panel of this comic.  Then I made the mistake of actually watching Soilent Green today.  Foolish.  I should have either watched it ages ago or ignored it completely.

Once I saw that my version was completely removed from the movie I got the OCD twitches and was compelled by my lizard brain to scrap the original and try again.  

Also I had some Drama at the DMV.  But this is MOSTLY an artistic licesnce delay.  

Anywho, to make it up to you I will post another comic this Sunday.  Mea Culpa.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mutton Puncher

This weekend Joe was not only featured on my website he was also sleeping in my guest room.  Joe and his brother Tom drove down to Austin for a little visit.  Tom really likes Austin, and as a former resident was kind enough to give us the grand tour. Tom even went so far as to give us a fun filled civics lesson inside the State Capital.

We spoke of many wondrous things during our weekend: delicious cinnamon coffee, "The Venture Brothers" (yay!), and Mutton Punchers.

Mutton Punchers?
Say it with me now.  

It sounds dirty doesn't it?  Well, it's not.  
Here's how that glorious phrase battered it's way into my personal vernacular.

Tom said, "Our sister's roommate claims to have been a Mutton Puncher."
Joe said, "She's from Montana."

The boys tried hard to explain, but a giggle fit left them gasping for air.  We only heard every other word.
Here they are:  rodeo, small, girl, sheep!
Apparently in some flat states little cowgirls are encouraged to ride fluffy sheep in open competition at the local rodeo.  These little girls are called...say it with me! Mutton Punchers.

Totally innocent and sweet concept.  Still sounds dirty.  Love it.
Mutton Puncher...sigh.  I want this T-shirt.  Who's with me?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

RSS feed woes

Kevin, as always, makes an excellent point in his latest comment.

"what about something that I can sign up for that automatically sends me an email when there is a new comic up?"

I think the answer to his query is an RSS feed button.  

Some folks who read this site have told me that they already manage their own RSS updates through Google.  Even so, I would like to provide a quick button on my blog (or maybe the main site) for easy access to everyone else.

However, after much research I remain dazzled and confused.  Blogger assures me that it has feed capability, and I have adjusted my settings to allow for a an RSS feed.  Still I remain button-less.  The HTML code does not perform as the Help section assures me it should.  Basically I don't understand how this works.  

Is there anybody out there who can save me from my own incompetence?
Would you guys prefer an update to the blog, or the comic site, or both?

Do you know the way to Azerbaijan?

Everyone should check out this link. So helpful. You will most likely feel ashamed at first. Don't fret, after a few rounds your understanding of world news will be greatly improved.
Just click the picture to play.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Rhetorician and the Medivalist.

Back to Back Medievalists!  What other site can give you that awesome pairing?  What other blog reaches for the upper tippy-top echelons of (capital A) AWESOMENESS?!

Well, this one does:

Do you ever meet a person at a party and think, "Why don't we already know each other? It feels like we should have been pals from way back."

Last weekend we attended a great party where I met Bethany and the husband met Dave, independently I might add.  When we got back to the car it dawned on us that these folks were married, had created a legendary super team, a beautiful little baby, and a rockin' blog.  So as my first ever non self-promoting link I have offered up linkage to their blog.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Old comic about fish while you wait...

I feel terrible about making folks wait so long for a new comic, but the next death story is completely freakin' awesome and I have been taking my sweet time.  

So in the interim I offer you an older comic from years ago about my first fishing trip with my Moma.  I love writing about my Mom because her life is full of adventure and fun (and work).  I always worry about depicting her in two dimensions since she is a complicated lady, but I love her a whole bunch and I hope that my clumsy efforts will be sufficient.

I am a big freaking baby when it comes to killing animals (bugs included) for any reason, even to alleviate suffering.  Just yesterday I saw a very small animal in on the highway and it was clearly beyond saving.  I had time to aim for it with the car but I couldn't  make myself swerve.  My Mom would've done something more helpful.  

Which is why she has five rescued dogs, and I have one cat...which she rescued for me.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

So much to do before I go.

This is an urgent request. If you have ever read my comics please post a response to this question:
What do you want (or need) to do before you die?

Ride a motorcycle?
Become a parent?
Get published?
Ask someone to marry you?

I am compiling a list for a interactive game on the main site.  Everybody (alive) is eligible to play!  So...what is on your list?

Friday, September 7, 2007

Congrats to Erik and Patty!

These fine folks bought their first house today and it couldn't have happened to a nicer (or more financially responsible) pair of folks. Good job homeowners...also congrats on not murdering each other in the process!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Comic, just for YOU.

I am now the proud owner of a new laptop and a whole mess of screwed up files. So the actual website has not been updated yet. However, I have added this new "Fear" comic to the blog for all those folks who waited patiently for me to get my stuff together.

Look for to be updated early next week.

Thanks for sticking in there with me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Old friends, warm nights, vast quantities of smoked animal protein…

Some friends of ours from college took us to “The Salt-Lick” to celebrate our return to Texas. I never knew that such vast quantities of BBQ could exist in one place. The deal is that they bring you “veggies” in the form of coleslaw and beans and a loaf of bread. Then you get the triple meat platter with an extra squeeze bottle of sauce on the side just in case your dinner gets dry (heaven forefend).

Not that unusual, yes? Well, this place differs from the norm in that the smiling sweaty (hello 80% humidity) waitress takes away the empty meat plate after you push it away groaning…and then…she brings, ANOTHER ONE!
Finish the second plate. Woosh! Another one is plopped down. Again and again more and more meat until you finally resort to paying your check in self defense.

The Husband and I have decided to go vegetarian for the foreseeable future which is not hard to do in Austin. This town is proving itself to be both BBQ and Veggie friendly.
So that’s nice. In other news:

Computer Status: Crapstorm.

The husband and I have some decision-making to do before purchasing a new computer. Sorry for the delay in comic updates but I am adrift in a computer-less world. Surprisingly my eyestrain headaches have subsided considerably. Hello Silver Lining!

When I am once again in a position to post the new death comic it will include True Love, the first canine cosmonaut, and a Space Harpy. Ruminate on that combination while you wait.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Apple Store Lady Laughed at My Pain.

(ASL: Apple Store Lady)
“Wow…If we’ll be lucky if your data can be retrieved before this thing dies.”
ASL: “When’s the last time you backed up”
Me: “Groan”
ASL: “I think it’s time you got a grown up’s computer. Marty here can tell you more about the latest IMac.”
Me: “Buh?”

So that is it. Ole’ EMac has sung her swan song. Happily all of my data was retrieved on blessed back up hardrive but I am sans computer. You know when the best time to buy a new computer is? Not while moving.

Beloved Husband is posting this message for me from his new office. More info later.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well it is official. The husband and I are in Texas and hella sleepy.

Isn't it funny how a manic energy takes hold at the end of the move causing wondrous athletic feats (lugging the sleeper couch into the truck all by yourself) and unfathomable stupidity (turning off the power strip to your Mac while sweeping up final dust bunnies)?

This last one is the reason I am totally without computer until I can take my poor sad computer to an Apple Store for a miraculous (I hope) recovery. Right now I am using my beloved sister-in-law Becky's laptop (check out her comic in the archives of the main site).

So I will hopefully have a new comic up this weekend but if I don't it is because I am crying in a pool of my own sick next to a broken computer.

I live in HOPE.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My first nightmare (that I can recall)

Anybody else remember their first nightmare?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Moving on up (or down...technically)

We have reached the packing stage where our apartment is completely divoid of ornament. This was as much decoration as I could muster. All else is boxes. So depressing.

Since we are taking our cat on a cross-country adventure we decided to do the responsible thing and get a rabies shot tag slapped on his neck. This animal has gone completly naked and free (because he is a shut-in) for years. Now that we have harnessed him with this insulting neck piece he does nothing but bitch and whine.
Look in his eyes and see the hate.

All this moving whatnot leaves little time for comic postings. I should get one (maybe two) more out this week. I live in hope!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Gay Gourmet!

I had an excellent suggestion from a reader, friend, and future contributor Kevin H.
Kevin read Jeff's death story and got a little rumbly in the tumbly:

"You know, you kept referencing all these great foods that Jeff
could make, and I kept wishing that you would include a link to the recipes, like Bob Barker's favorite vegan enchiladas."

So I says to Jeff I says: "Jeff make me food." (I learned that tactic from Jeff's beloved, Nathan). Then I said, "Oh, and jot down several fab recipes for my website."

Being a big sweetie bear Jeff acceded to all of my demands.

If you, like Kevin, yearn to make Jeff-cipes (lame) just follow the link above to Jeff's comic and find the hotlinks. What? You thought I was just going to list them out for you? Lazy bastards. Go find 'em yiself.

Friday, August 3, 2007

We ate burgers and talked about dying of heart disease.

Usually I get an email response from one of my contributors telling me how they want to buy the farm. In this case I met with these fine folks at a chain burger restaurant in Dallas. They had been moving IKEA furniture all day long in the Texas sun and were in the mood to talk about mortality as long as they could get something cold to drink. Note that this was in December. Texas is hot. Tony (the beloved husband) maned his digital voice recorder and captured the conversation on the (correct) assumption that my memory is shot to hell.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New FEAR archive

Before I asked the "How would you like to Die?" question of my nearest and dearest I asked myself "What do you FEAR?"
Turns out, lots of stuff! Since I often supplement the Preposthumous collection with Fear Comics I think the substitutes deserve their very own section on the site.

Click on the scream-y fellow above and dive into the new archive!

Thanks to Brad for posing for the FEAR button. This portrait of Brad (who looks nothing like the button in reality) is featured in one of my recent comics. The first person to email me the name of the person who inspired that comic will get a Preposthumous sticker and book (and maybe some other treats) in the mail!

P.S. Don't forget to send me your mailing address if you want to play.


Once again I find myself worn out at 1am without a completed Death comic (though I have a bundle in production). So I thought I would post one of my "What do I Fear?" comics from last year. This one explains my personal work ethic which is driven by great reserves of pure anxiety. WHEEE!

Monday, July 30, 2007

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