Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brave New Cell Phone

After a decade of middling to minuscule customer service we have abandoned Sprint as our cell phone carrier and switched to Credo.

The service and price is the same but Credo gives a portion of it's profits to worthy causes and they offered us a month of free text messaging. The purpose of this post is to let our loved ones know that my cell phone number is back online (as Alice melted my old phone in a rampaging river of drool) and that we are now part of the texting world.

Anyone who knows us and likes to send messages on the fly have already been warned that we are cheap, technologically stunted, and thus have never been accepting of friendly missives via phone. I used to cringe when a lovely message such as, "Happy New Year dear friend!" would appear on my screen and grouse about the $2 Sprint just pulled out of my pocket.
I have never been a particularly tech savy individual (as seen: here)

But this is a new day! We are throwing ourselves into the "I can send an email while driving" world thumbs first...for a month.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank you Leanne and Brad!

Alice and I came home from a very hot walk (102 outside today) as walking around the block is her new favorite thing, and were greeted by a "just because" package from Brad and Leanne!

The book has beautiful illustrations of foxes and frogs. We joke about Leanne wanting to go outside in nature like a weirdo but Alice seems to have the same strange compulsion. They are bonding over this outdoor fixation.

I love the ducky shirt. Just love it to bits. Leanne made that duck, which as Alice pointed out, says "Quack".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Vampire

Alice has grown fond of cherries. An excellent treat but bathtime is a more common occurrence these days.

Spider monkey learns new skills

Guess what Alice can do...

Alice can also:
Open her bedroom door, at the top of our staircase.
Reach the front door handle
She figured out how to turn on the stove
She opened our childproof bathroom cabinets
Also the "childproof" cap on Tony's medication...needs to be re-named.

In a less nerve-wreaking update, Alice likes to pretend she is Daddy. This is her favorite game.
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