Friday, February 22, 2008

Damn House

Tony is working a fundraising dinner tonight. About an hour ago I looked to the TV for company and relaxation. There was nothing at all worth watching except for House. I am fond of Hugh Laurie, and who doesn't enjoy a cunning procedural?

So I made myself some fishsticks, being that it is Friday and my Catholic husband's Lenten traditions are catching. I sat my very pregnant self in front of the ole' idiot box and gave this simple command, "Take me away TV!"

In quick succession I was witness to these three bastardly plot devices:

New mother has seizure in bathtub while holding baby. Baby must be resuscitated.
Baby in the NICU has a heart attack and must be shocked back into consciousness.
New mother suffering from a illness that brings on psychosis successfully smothers her baby.

Damn House. Why do you gotta be such a bitch to my pregnant self?


Hi Ya'll,

I have had a squirrelly sort of inconsistency when it comes to my archive page. Rather than going chronologically I have only linked to comics that follow the main "death" theme of this site. But you know what? Comics about making a sandwich are just as navel-gazing-rific as pondering my loved one's mortality.

So to be fair to my "filler/pregnancy/doing the laundry" comics I am sticking all those bad boys in order. Feel free to sashay through memory town and ride the links back to the very first comic (June 1st 2007).

My baby is due two weeks after Preposthumous turns one year old. Many happy returns to them both.

In other news, I am not entirely sure when (or if) I published this comic:

So if you've seen it before enjoy round two, if not welcome to new experiences!

No need for infant care classes!

Tony and I are pretty anxious about taking care of a baby without adult supervision. Last night we watched a Baby CPR video that was both informative and terrifying. Happily our friend Leanne has our back because she sent me a link to these:

Educational Newborn Care comics

My favorite is "The right way to make your baby smile"

Friday, February 15, 2008

We have another party guest

Years ago I created this illustration for a holiday greeting card. It's origin is a story about a fine fellow named Jason who has been a firm friend of ours since college. My husband once happened upon Jason unexpectedly while traveling in Minsk or perhaps Copenhagen (I can't remember) with Joe (habitual subject of my comics). Joe and beloved husband were walking down a snowy street and suddenly came face to face with Jason who proclaimed "Joe, I have lost my pants!"

Joe steadfastly refused to look down.

As it happens Jason had forgotten to pack long pants for his trip and was sporting shorts. Jason is not the sort of man to be deterred by small concerns like freezing to death so he chose to brave the elements with bare knees. We are delighted that he has decided to roll down to Austin to join our little mini college-reunion.

As to the house, we are still spinning plates like mad trying to stick to our closing deadline. Feel free to send happy thoughts this-a-way.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wishful thinking Party

Hi Everybody,

I have been out of communication (blog-wise) for a little while now. The reason is not baby or illness related. We've been fully and completely immersed in a house purchase. It looks like everything might work out. We are so confident that the sale we have scheduled a party just a week after closing. We have even asked these folks (see above) to fly or drive into Austin! Foolishness? Perhaps.

Feel free to cross your fingers for us.

P.S. The illustration of my sister (last figure on the right) is not really true to life. I just wanted to show her how cute she would look with bangs. I could also show how cute she would look with a mohawk...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bethany FINALLY!

Check her out, isn't she great?!
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