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RSS feediness.

Okay sweeties, here's the thing.  I know how you can get an email update every time I add to Preposthumous.  This is how it works. 
When I post a new comic I also post a link on the blog.  
If you would like to be notified when a new post is created add my (newly created) blogspot feed address to your favorite RSS Reader.

You might be asking yourself (as I did) "Do I have an RSS Reader?"
The answer is "Probably."

Do you have a Gmail account?  
If so  just go to the "Reader" section under "More" in your toolbar and search for the Preposthumous feed, (which Gmail will find, easily) then add it to your list of favorites.

Do you have a  Mac?
Go to the RSS feed section in your bookmarks and add the Preposthumous Feed.
I am sure there are many more options out there but these are the two I know.

True, you will get notified when there is other (non comic) new content on the blog.  But I promise it will all be diverting.  For instance, I am going to the Austin Burlesque Festival tomorrow night.  I might even get one of the performers to add a comic to the collection!

Questions?  Comments?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Still TECHNICALLY Thursday!

Sorry for the late comic guys.  I had a whole different illustration created for the second panel of this comic.  Then I made the mistake of actually watching Soilent Green today.  Foolish.  I should have either watched it ages ago or ignored it completely.

Once I saw that my version was completely removed from the movie I got the OCD twitches and was compelled by my lizard brain to scrap the original and try again.  

Also I had some Drama at the DMV.  But this is MOSTLY an artistic licesnce delay.  

Anywho, to make it up to you I will post another comic this Sunday.  Mea Culpa.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mutton Puncher

This weekend Joe was not only featured on my website he was also sleeping in my guest room.  Joe and his brother Tom drove down to Austin for a little visit.  Tom really likes Austin, and as a former resident was kind enough to give us the grand tour. Tom even went so far as to give us a fun filled civics lesson inside the State Capital.

We spoke of many wondrous things during our weekend: delicious cinnamon coffee, "The Venture Brothers" (yay!), and Mutton Punchers.

Mutton Punchers?
Say it with me now.  

It sounds dirty doesn't it?  Well, it's not.  
Here's how that glorious phrase battered it's way into my personal vernacular.

Tom said, "Our sister's roommate claims to have been a Mutton Puncher."
Joe said, "She's from Montana."

The boys tried hard to explain, but a giggle fit left them gasping for air.  We only heard every other word.
Here they are:  rodeo, small, girl, sheep!
Apparently in some flat states little cowgirls are encouraged to ride fluffy sheep in open competition at the local rodeo.  These little girls are called...say it with me! Mutton Punchers.

Totally innocent and sweet concept.  Still sounds dirty.  Love it.
Mutton Puncher...sigh.  I want this T-shirt.  Who's with me?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

RSS feed woes

Kevin, as always, makes an excellent point in his latest comment.

"what about something that I can sign up for that automatically sends me an email when there is a new comic up?"

I think the answer to his query is an RSS feed button.  

Some folks who read this site have told me that they already manage their own RSS updates through Google.  Even so, I would like to provide a quick button on my blog (or maybe the main site) for easy access to everyone else.

However, after much research I remain dazzled and confused.  Blogger assures me that it has feed capability, and I have adjusted my settings to allow for a an RSS feed.  Still I remain button-less.  The HTML code does not perform as the Help section assures me it should.  Basically I don't understand how this works.  

Is there anybody out there who can save me from my own incompetence?
Would you guys prefer an update to the blog, or the comic site, or both?

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