Monday, November 10, 2008

First Concert

My Dad and his girlfriend Jill are in town this week and they took us to a Loudon Wainwright III concert. This was Alice's first concert. It went pretty well. The venue was the Cactus Cafe in the UT student union building. It is a smoke-free small room and the music and crowd were pretty low-key. I had Alice in the baby carrier for the first half of the show and she just fell asleep. She would have made it through the whole show (which started at 6:30 pm to jive with her bedtime) but the opening act went way over...also it was horrible.
It was a lady who basically sung her diary. It was all about love being a gun, which she used to hunt her love, who rejected her love, like a dove, etc. Not a hint of self awareness in the whole set. It was pretty brutal. I skipped out into the lobby with the kid and saw another audience member on her cell phone telling a friend how bad the music was killing her. We caught eyes and she hung up to commiserate with me. The lady said that she ran a program for kids with behavioral problems and was constantly barraged with folks who wanted to "work with the kids" when in reality what they wanted was to "get lots of attention". She assured me that the songstress warbling inside the cafe was just the type.

Loudon was great. He is a very funny guy. Here is the best part of the evening. He finished his sixth or seventh song (it was about drinking with his Mom) and Alice let out a little cry. It was the first noise she made all evening and Tony hustled Alice outside right away. Louden said that he had seen her earlier in the evening, that she was a very good baby, and that he wanted to dedicate his next song to her! This is what he sang: Be Careful There's A Baby In The House
This track happens to be on his new album, so I'm sure he keeps an eye out for kids at most shows, but it was really sweet.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Skill

Now that she can self-pacify I can go on vacation.
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