Sunday, March 29, 2009

I found it!!

The camera cord has been located! Here are the previously imprisoned pictures as promised:

1. Alice vs. the saucepot:

(I felt a little guilty taking this picture before rescuing her)

2. My new hair:

The salon I tried out this time was a funky south congress place that opened in 2000, called "The Wet Salon". One of the owner's (jimmy) did my hair. We spent most of the haircut talking about our daughters as he has three girls of his own. He offered blue but I changed my mind and decided on a dark brown with a deep red base. I am so embarrassed to admit this but...back in high school I played a roleplaying game called "Vampire, the Masquerade" and my character had hair this color. As I am a responsible adult and no longer wearing plastic fangs to Social Studies ( shameful) I felt it was time to revisit my youth (and cover my post baby gray hairs) via my new deconstructed bob.

3. Baby teeth:
Here is the video that features Alice's first two teeth. The screaming in the background is from our neighbor's new trampoline. We can see happy kid faces cresting over our fence every 2.5 seconds.

Notice the completely clean spoon on Alice's tray:

4. Tony bopped in the kisser with an "l luv U daddy" balloon:

He was also pummeled by the foam bat Alice is holding in this picture.

This is a special part of their daddy/daughter bond that I accept without condoning the violence. Mommy does not get hit in the face as she is trying to show Alice good manners. Daddy is trying to show Alice how to beat down her foes.

Friday, March 27, 2009



Tony is awoken by giggles. He opens bleary eyes to see his daughter cracking up and bouncing and pointing at Mommy. "What's so funny sweetie?", he mumbles.

Then his wife lets out an extended drunken longshoreman snore.

Been a while

I haven't posted in a bit because I have completely lost the cord for my camera. Now I have a full set of digital pictures swimming uselessly around my camera's memory stick forlorn and adrift.
Photos that you can't see right now:

Alice with a saucepan stuck on her head

My newly shorn and dyed hair

Alice's first two shiny-new baby teeth

Alice smacking Daddy in the face with a heart shaped balloon that says, "I love you"

Friday, March 13, 2009


The house
The baby
My business
Sweet sweet mileage...oh!

So many new deductions are available to us this year. Hello moderate tax refund, may I introduce you to Mr. Car Payment? I think you two will get on swimmingly.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The big Sick

As a family we have settled into a happy evening rhythm. We eat dinner out on the back porch. Alice is allowed to go nuts on several colorful piles of baby food while Tony and I enjoy some adult conversation. After that she goes straight into the bath for a de-sticky process. Alice Loooooves bathtime.

As a result, on most nights Alice falls right asleep and doesn't peep until her next feeding.

This all changed last weekend.
For Valentines Day Tony gave me the freedom to go to a movie all by my lonesome.
On Tony's birthday this week I paid him back in kind. A whole slew of friends (including all the Howe siblings) came to Austin to see "Watchmen" at the Alamo Drafthouse. So I took over baby duty while the group took Tony to a night of movie joy and drinking.

The revellers returned full of good cheer and they even brought me a cookie in the shape of the Watchmen logo (smiley face with a blood stain), it was delicious. Most of the folks were planing to sleep at our place after a long night of chat and board game fun.

The group kept the celebrations down to a whisper for Alice's sake. But at midnight she woke up screaming. Tony gamely went to take care of her for the first shift, and that is when everything fell apart.

Poor kid had the perfect storm of teething pain, a bad cold, and a diaper that had not seen poop in several days. We had to keep Alice upright so she could breathe and sleep a bit. Even so, she woke up every twenty minuets crying her little heart out. It was horrible. We tried to keep the chaos to a minimum for the sake of our upstairs guests but failed pretty miserably. I couldn't wait for the night to end. As a happy coincidence we lost an hour that night. Never been happier to "Spring Forward".

When the sun came up we tried to sneak out of the house (coffee for us and a sleep inducing drive for Alice). Before we made it out of the driveway some of our guests drove up. They had bought us breakfast. Thank you Chiara and Amber! We were assured that no one heard a peep out of Alice in the night. It was a very friendly lie.

Now several days later Alice is feeling much better and even sleeping comfortably flat on her back.

In an effort to re-boot my engines Tony kindly took the kid on a two hour drive in the car so she could sleep and I could nap. He even listened to classical music the whole time to soothe her. She must have been pretty relaxed because that several days missing poop...yeah she painted the whole backseat. Happy Birthday Tony!!
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