Friday, August 31, 2007

Space Harpys Abound.


muse said...

What is "The Eagle" and can I find a copy of it?

holt said...

Hey Sweetie who I have not seen or spoken to in WAYYYYYYY too long.

The Eagle is an Episcopal newsletter in Chicago that the folks at St. John's Church get in the mail every month.  

The editor was sweet enough to give me a mention and say Goodbye to Tony and I in print before we moved down south.

Can you say Awwww....

I think you can see it here:

If you are the Church-going type drop by St. John's in Old Irving Park.  The whole congregation is very welcoming to everybody of all faiths and beliefs.  They are devoted to social responsibility and environmental care.  
These are good people.

Kevin said...

Love how you make little things in the comics clickable -- the stars, or the recipes. This is a good idea!

holt said...

The idea was generated from your request for recipes. So who's the clever one now eh?

If you haven't done so already click on the dog.

I will be re-posting some comics with a new pop-up feature added next week. Just for giggles.

Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

On your Preposthumous strip, what is the name of the webfont you use?

holt said...

Hi Ed,

Thanks for reading.  I use "Digital Strip" which is a free font from Blambot for most of the text.  I also use my own font on some of the illustrations.

Do you also have a webcomic?

Archinerd said...

I like. For some reason this seems familiar...

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