Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mutton Puncher

This weekend Joe was not only featured on my website he was also sleeping in my guest room.  Joe and his brother Tom drove down to Austin for a little visit.  Tom really likes Austin, and as a former resident was kind enough to give us the grand tour. Tom even went so far as to give us a fun filled civics lesson inside the State Capital.

We spoke of many wondrous things during our weekend: delicious cinnamon coffee, "The Venture Brothers" (yay!), and Mutton Punchers.

Mutton Punchers?
Say it with me now.  

It sounds dirty doesn't it?  Well, it's not.  
Here's how that glorious phrase battered it's way into my personal vernacular.

Tom said, "Our sister's roommate claims to have been a Mutton Puncher."
Joe said, "She's from Montana."

The boys tried hard to explain, but a giggle fit left them gasping for air.  We only heard every other word.
Here they are:  rodeo, small, girl, sheep!
Apparently in some flat states little cowgirls are encouraged to ride fluffy sheep in open competition at the local rodeo.  These little girls are called...say it with me! Mutton Punchers.

Totally innocent and sweet concept.  Still sounds dirty.  Love it.
Mutton Puncher...sigh.  I want this T-shirt.  Who's with me?


The Gould Family said...

We'll take it in a onesie.

Kevin said...

I totally want a mutton puncher tattoo

bred said...


on a related note, my word verification was "isxeatr".
coincidence or conspiracy?

jeff said...

If I get the t-shirt, I'll be the hottest pudgy, white, middle-aged gay guy at the gym.
Now that's hot!!

Kevin said...

That's weird -- Jeff doesn't look pudgy at all in his comic...
PS, it's Thursday, Holt... your public demands more content!

holt said...

The husband and I had a grand time scoping out onesie/temporary tattoo/gym queen t-shirt vendors.  We are seriously considering providing all of these things on the site in the very near future.

Jeff you would look lovely in a Mutton Puncher shirt!

holt said...

Isxeatr?!! You kiss your mother with that mouth bred?

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